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If your family is involved with local authority children's services, or you need help from these services, our new interactive web-pages will give you the information you need.

From time to time there are changes to law and practice. We regularly update the advice information on our website to include these changes.

Note on jurisdiction: The information on this website refers to England and Wales. Wales has some differences in law and guidance to England, so if unsure, please check with Family Rights Group about Wales. The information here does not apply to Scotland or Northern Ireland.

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Your feedback about Family Rights Group’s online advice service

Family Rights Group’s online advice service includes the information available on our website (for example, answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and our Advice Sheets) as well as information shared via our discussion boards. We are gathering the views of parents about how helpful they have found the online advice service. Please give you views. Thank you.

Our short survey will capture your feedback and opinions and can be found here.

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