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FGC Accreditation

Family Rights Group is a leading authority on family group conferences and has been at the forefront of developing and promoting high standards of practice.

We have run the quality assurance accreditation programme for family group conference services since 2013. All family group conference services are welcome to apply to become accredited. Accreditation lasts for three years.

The accreditation framework consists of seven quality standards which have been developed to assist families as well as professionals to understand what a family group conference is and what to expect if involved in one. They identify the basic requirements expected from those delivering the service.

These standards should be integrated into the work of the family group conference service and not simply become a bureaucratic process. A service that is successfully accredited is making a clear pledge as to how it will operate and to which it can be held accountable.

The standards draw on current practice and learning in the UK and internationally. It is adherence to these minimum expectations that the accreditation framework is intended to measure.

The accreditation framework sets out the minimum requirements for a family group conference service in order to:

  • give clear guidance as to how services should operate;
  • provide a straightforward means against which a service can be measured; and
  • provide a degree of external scrutiny of practice.

If you manage a family group conference service and are interested in becoming accredited or having your service reaccredited please email: jsewell@frg.org.uk.

Please note that Family Rights Group does not accredit individual practitioners. We do offer a four-day virtual FGC training course for those with some knowledge of family group conferences and child welfare processes who wish to increase their understanding and develop the necessary skills to coordinate a family group conference for a child. More information can be found here.

FGC Accreditation

Family group conference accreditation

This guidance document sets out the standards framework; what a family group conference service needs to do to become accredited; how to submit the accreditation portfolio and the assessment process.


Accreditation costs

Size of service Non Family Group Conference & Lifelong Links Network members Family Group Conference & Lifelong Links Network members
Small (under 40 FGCs a year) £850 £550
Medium (40 – 99 FGCs a year) £1050 £700
Large (99 plus FGCs a year) £1300 £875
Resubmission fee £300 £250
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