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Children’s services

Children’s services is the department within the local authority that is responsible for supporting and protecting vulnerable children. This can include:

  • Providing extra help and support to children in need and their families.
  • Making sure that children are kept safe if they are at risk of harm.
  • Children’s services used to be known as social services. This is description that many people still use.

The following aspects of work with families are the responsibility of children’s services:

Those working in children’s services should follow children law and government guidance, as well as their own policies and procedures. That means they should help children live within their families where that is possible.

The law says that:

  • Both parents should play a full part in raising their child unless this would place the child at risk of harm.
  • Children’s services should work in partnership with the family and provide help and support without using legal proceedings, unless the child is at risk of harm.

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