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Designated teacher

Every school must appoint one of its senior teaching staff as the designated teacher. Their role is to promote the education and welfare of all looked after children within the school. They will have specialist training to help them understand and respond to the needs of looked after children.

The designated teacher’s role includes:

  • Promoting high expectations for the learning and achievement of each looked after child at the school.
  • Acting as the school’s liaison and contact for children’s services. They will work closely with foster carers and health services involved in a looked after child’s life.
  • Helping other school staff understand the needs of each looked after child. They will provide advice to staff on personal learning strategies.
  • Taking the lead on the development of each looked after child’s personal education plan.
    Making sure the school does all it can to achieve educational stability for every looked after child.
  • Helping looked after children make a smooth and successful transition if they move to a new school or college.

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