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Disability living allowance

Disability living allowance is a state benefit. It is paid to the parents or other carer of a disabled child who needs help with:

  • Daily living tasks (such as washing, dressing, eating, etc.)
  • Getting around (i.e. because they find walking difficult or cannot walk).

How much a family gets will depend on how much help the child needs.

Disability living allowance is not means tested. This means how much a family receives will not be affected by how much they earn. It will also not be affected by any savings they have.

No-one over the age of 16 can make a new claim for disability living allowance. This is because personal independence payments have replaced disability living allowance for over-16s. This is being done on a ‘roll-out’ basis. People aged 16 to 64 may be able to claim a personal independence payment.

Any child currently receiving disability living allowance can apply for a personal independence payment when they reach 16.

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