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Planning and review meetings

When a child is looked after in the care system, regular meetings must be held to make sure the care they are getting is meeting their needs. The meetings are also used to plan for the child’s future.

Planning meetings are held when a child first becomes looked after by children’s services. Decisions need to be made at this time about where a child should live, contact with their family and friends, and how the child’s education, health and other needs will be met.

Review meetings are held one month after the child becomes looked after, then after three months and at least every six months after that. The original care plan, which was agreed when the child first became looked after, is discussed and changes made if necessary.

Review meetings are often called looked after child review meetings (these are sometimes referred to as ‘LAC review meetings’).

For information see:

Looked after child review meetings about what happens at these meetings.

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