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Private arrangements (often referred to as a ‘private family arrangement’)

Some children are cared for by a close relative. For example, a grandparent or aunt and uncle. This may be under a private arrangement with the child’s parents. Children’s services may not be involved at all.

Because agreement is reached privately, this is different from kinship care. Because the family have made a private arrangement, children’s services do not have a specific responsibility to provide financial or other support to the family.

However, social workers have been known to ask families if they will care for a child who cannot stay safely at home with their parents and then to describe this is a ‘private arrangement’. This can affect whether the carers get support to raise the child. If this happens it is a good idea to seek independent advice from a solicitor. Or to contact the Family Rights Group advice service.

It is important to note that if a child is being cared for in a private arrangement which is (or which is intended to be), for 28 days or more and the carer:

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