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When a child aged 10 to 17 is charged with a criminal offence and the court refuses bail, the child will be taken to one of the following locations. Either:

However, the court can only remand a child to youth detention accommodation if the child is at least 12 years old. One of following certain other conditions also needs to apply:

  • The child is charged with a serious offence. This is a violent or sexual offence. Or it is one punishable by a sentence of 14 years or more if committed by an adult.
  • The child has a history of running away and committing offences whilst on remand.
  • Youth detention accommodation is necessary to prevent further offences and protect the public.

Every child who is placed on remand becomes a looked after child.

Where a child becomes looked after only by reason of being placed on remand, then:

  • Remand to local authority accommodation. A care plan and placement plan must be prepared within 5 working days of the child being remanded. The care plan does not need to include a plan for permanence, however.
  • Remand to youth detention accommodation. A detention placement plan must be prepared within 10 working days. Among other things, this should cover: how the child’s health and education needs will be met; arrangements for contact with the child’s family; and social worker support.

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