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What happens if an initial assessment is negative? Can a negative initial assessment be challenged?

If the initial assessment is negative, children’s services will not agree to continue with a full assessment. They should put into writing the options the person who has been assessed has.

These are likely to include the person who has been assessed:

  • Accepting the decision
  • Writing a letter to explain why they disagree with the assessment
  • Getting independent legal advice
  • Going to the Family Court to ask for a legal order allowing the child to live with them.

Challenging a negative initial assessment

Letter 3 on out Top tips and template page may be helpful for anyone who disagrees with the outcome of their initial assessment. Or who thinks the assessment process has not be done fairly. Family and friends can use this letter if they want to challenge a negative initial assessment. It will also help to request a full assessment as a long-term carer.

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