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If a parent is struggling, they may feel unsure about how to find help and support. Where children’s services become involved, parents can feel worried about what this will mean for them and their child.

Our Children’s services page, A-Z and Top tips page are a good place to start

Getting extra help, support and services

Most families need some help to raise their children. Some may help from family and friends. Some may need help from local services. Others may need extra help and support from children’s services. Parents may find our Early help, Child in need, and Family group conferences: advice for families pages useful. They provide easy to follow information and advice about how families can get the extra help and support they need.

Advice about child protection and children in the care system

If children’s services say they are worried a child may not be safe and well cared for at home, parents may feel upset or scared. They may feel unsure about the processes involved. And may not know what their rights and options are.

Whether a child protection conference is about to take place, or children’s services are talking about starting care proceedings. Or your child has come into the care system, our What? pages may help.

Different situations, tailored advice

Click on the blocks below to find the right information for your situation:

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