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How to Commission Lifelong Links

In 2013 Family Rights Group was one of eight voluntary organisations that conducted the Care Inquiry.

The 2013 Care Inquiry found that the greatest failing of the care system and associated child welfare procedures is that they too often break, rather than build, relationships for children in or on the edge of care.  That was the driver behind the development of Lifelong Links.

Family Rights Group has developed Lifelong Links in collaboration with key stakeholders including local authorities, young people in care and care leavers, families and foster carers. We spent a year developing the Lifelong Links approach and then, in 2017 conducted a three year trial of Lifelong Links with 13 local authorities in England. We are midway through a five year trial in Scotland with five local authorities.

Children and young people in 23 local authorities in England and Scotland are now being offered Lifelong Links.

Family Rights Group are the leading experts on Lifelong Links. Local authorities who would like to introduce Lifelong Links are able to commission a bespoke training and consultancy package from us.

Included in the consultancy package:

  • Lifelong Links coordinator training which prepares and equips family group conference coordinators to practise Lifelong Links.
  • Consultancy days during the year to support the introduction and implementation of Lifelong Links.
  • Access to Lifelong Links resources including the Lifelong Links toolkit, films and practice guidance.
  • Participation in the bi-monthly Lifelong Links managers’ meetings.
  • Access to the online Social Connections Tool.
  • Participation at three practice learning sets a year for Lifelong Links coordinators.

Further details on the Lifelong Links training and consultancy package for local authorities new to Lifelong Links can be downloaded here.

Further details on the Lifelong Links service development package for existing Lifelong Links local authorities can be downloaded here.

If you are interested in exploring how Lifelong Links could be introduced to your local authority or how your existing Lifelong Links service can be developed and sustained then please get in touch with Lucy Hutchinson lhutchinson@frg.org.uk.

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