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Children, Families and the Human Rights Act

Family Rights Group strongly believes the Human Rights Act has made a profound difference to families involved in the child welfare and family justice system. The Act should be retained.

Since coming into force in 2000, the Act has been used in child welfare and legal proceedings to ensure fair process and prevent the abuse of power by the state. The Act imposes a duty on ‘public authorities’ to ensure that their decisions do not breach the Convention rights of children and adults. Public authorities include the courts and local authorities. The Act seeks to prevent unnecessary interference by the state in private and family life.

Family Rights Group briefings on the Human Rights Act

Briefing on the importance of the Human Rights Act for vulnerable children and families, October 2014

This briefing outlines how we think the Human Rights Act has influenced child welfare and family justice law in England and Wales. It explains how the duties imposed by the Act on local authorities has resulted in fairer and more transparent decision making for vulnerable children and their families. It is informed by our direct work with families who are involved with local authority and judicial decision-making processes in respect of the safety and well-being of their children.

Family Rights Group response to the discussion paper ‘Do we need a UK Bill of Rights?’, November 2011 

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