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Reforms to Legal Aid and Advice

Family Rights Group works to ensure that families involved with child welfare and family justice systems are treated fairly.

Access to legal advice is critical in assisting families to understand their rights and options. If the state is considering the draconian step of removing a child from its family, the family must have legal advice to make informed decisions.

We are campaigning for reforms to the legal aid regime. We are calling for greater government investment in specialist legal advice for parents and kinship carers. Evaluations of Family Rights Group’s specialist legal advice service demonstrate the impact that early independent legal advice can have on preventing problems within families escalating. The right advice at the right time can help children to be able to remain living within their family or continue have (change to having) a relationship with their family and others who are important to them.

Over the years, we have had campaign successes and welcome support from politicians, the media, legal and social work practitioners and leaders and families in securing a more just system.

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