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Kinship Care Alliance: Executive Committee

Terms of reference


  • The wider KCA membership shall agree members of executive committee
  • When determining who is on the executive committee, KCA members are:
    • determining the organisation that is sitting on the committee; and
    • may also be determining the particular role that a committee member will have (e.g. to provide expertise in relation to a particular issue/area; to lead on a specific stream of committee activity
  • An organisation can have more than one member on the executive committee (However, one organisation, one vote” and consensus based decision-making will apply, see below).

Term of office: three years
Size of the Executive Committee: KCA Chair plus a maximum of 6 others


  • Committee decision-making shall be by consensus on a “one organisation, one vote” basis
  • In the absence of consensus, the matter/issue at hand shall go to full membership for further discussion
  • External individuals/organisations may be invited to attend to discuss a particular issue or help to inform the committee’s decisions and decision-making.

Frequency and form of meetings

  • One month prior to each full KCA membership meeting
  • Meetings to be virtual or in person as appropriate.

Function of the Executive Committee

  • Agreeing a work plan
  • Delivering a work plan
  • Evaluation of the work plan
  • To promote the engagement of KCA members.

Current membership of the Executive Committee

  • Chair of the Kinship Care Alliance: John Simmonds (Director of Research and Policy, CoramBaaf)
  • Cathy Ashley (Chief Executive, Family Rights Group)
  • Lucy Peake (Chief Executive, Grandparents Plus)
  • Enza Smith (Kinship Carers UK)
  • Jessica Johnston (Legal Adviser, Family Rights Group) to service the Executive Committee including in relation to legal and policy advice.

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