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Kinship Care Alliance: Membership Criteria

We welcome new members of the Kinship Care Alliance.

Who can join?

Membership of the Kinship Care Alliance (‘KCA’) is open to organisations that:

  • Are a legal entity;
  • Support the Kinship Care Alliance aims;
  • Share KCA’s beliefs and values;
  • Are committed to tackling discrimination and disadvantage and to promoting equality and the commitment to tackling discrimination, including in respect of (but not restricted to) ethnicity, gender, religious and cultural beliefs, disability, sexuality and age.

Membership is also open to individuals with particular expertise, and who will join in an advisory capacity to inform the work of the Kinship Care Alliance. Such individuals join in an individual capacity and will not necessarily represent any organisation.

How to apply?

  • You can apply to any member of the Alliance’s executive committee or to jjohnston@frg.org.uk;
  • The application must come from a chief executive or equivalent of the applicant organisation.

How are applications considered?

  • A copy of the application will be circulated to all members of the KCA executive committee;
  • The application shall be determined by the KCA executive committee.

Membership may be reviewed by the executive committee against a code of conduct/protocols document.

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