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Lifelong Links

In 2013 Family Rights Group were one of eight voluntary organisations that conducted the Care Inquiry.

One of the conclusions reached was that the greatest failing of the care system and associated child welfare procedures is that they too often break, rather than build, relationships for children in or on the edge of care. It was this that planted the seed of what was to become Lifelong Links, for Family Rights Group. The approach aims to ensure a child in care has a lasting positive, support network.

We have since spent a year developing the Lifelong Links approach and then, three years trialling Lifelong Links with 13 local authorities in England which ended in April 2020. We are halfway through a five year trial in Scotland with five local authorities. The trials are being independently evaluated by the Rees Centre, University of Oxford and CELCIS, University of Strathclyde respectively.

Family Rights Group is thus the leading authority on Lifelong Links and local authorities who would like to introduce Lifelong Links are able to commission bespoke training and consultancy packages from us.

To discuss how we can support your authority to implement Lifelong Links contact Lucy Hutchinson lhutchinson@frg.org.uk.

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