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Manchester judgment

This refers to a court decision which relates to how kinship foster carers should be paid. Kinship foster carers who are caring for a looked after child who has been placed with them by children’s services are entitled to be paid a fostering allowance at the same rate as other foster carers. For example, an aunt who gets approved as a foster carer for her niece should be paid at the same rate as an unrelated foster carer.

The judgment was given in the High Court in 2001. It found that Manchester City Council’s policy on kinship carers was discriminatory and unlawful. Their policy at the time involved them paying kinship foster carers a lower fostering allowance than unrelated foster carers.

Government guidance now states:

‘The allowances paid by a fostering service must be calculated for family and friends foster carers on the same basis as for all other foster carers, and any variations should relate to the child’s needs, the skills of the carer or some other relevant factor that is used as a criterion for all of the service’s foster carers.’

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