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Case management hearing

The first court hearing after children’s services apply to the court for a care order or supervision order. It should take place between 12 and 18 days after children’s services make the application to court.

If you are a parent of the child, you will be a ‘party’ to the proceedings. You will receive a copy of the court application and supporting documents. This will include the date, time and place of the case management hearing.

At the case management hearing the court will:

  • Review the application, including the proposed care plan for the child.
  • Consider the immediate living arrangements for the child and whether an interim order is necessary. For example, an interim care order or interim supervision order.
  • Make sure a children’s guardian has been allocated to the child.
  • In cases with an international element, consider jurisdiction. This means whether the family court in England and Wales is the right court to make decisions about the child.
  • Identify the key issues the court needs to resolve in order to reach a final decision
  • Consider whether any expert evidence will be needed to help it resolve those issues
  • Set out a timetable for proceedings (with the aim of reaching a final decision within 26 weeks).

The court also is also likely to give directions for the assessment of family members as possible future carers of the child.

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